How Buyers

7-Video Course

The AlikeAbility Sales Conversion System

  • Based on the Platinum Rule
  • Define 4 Personality Styles
  • Determine your style
  • Diagnose your prospects' styles
  • Adjust what you say
  • Stay in rapport


  • Their primary values
  • What they wear
  • How they talk
  • How they behave
  • How they write
  • What they do for a living

Social Media Photos and Posts

  • Which platforms do they use
  • Their writing styles
  • Their photos
  • Their smiles
  • Their words

I can't wait

Discover how easy it is to identify your prospects’ personalities or buying styles so that you can adjust what you say to match, build rapport quickly and authentically, and turn them into paying clients.

“Information without application is useless.”
~ Dr. Nancy Zare


Total Value of just the Bonuses: $1050!

In It?


Quick answer. Enroll higher ticket paying clients.

How Buyers Buy gives you a deep understanding of why people buy, not just for your reasons, but for theirs. Uncover the motivations of each of the four major Buyers and speak their language. As a result of this course, you sharpen your perception of prospects in networking events and online. With this knowledge, you gain the ability to build rapport quickly and authentically with each buying style so you can turn prospects into paying clients effectively.

How Buyers Buy consists of 7 short videos that you can watch at your own pace. Each video is designed to be concise and to the point, providing you with the essential knowledge and strategies you need to succeed. You can access the videos from any device, allowing you to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. You just need to log in to the course platform.

In addition to the videos, you also receive audio links, transcriptions, and a guidebook with summaries, suggested activities, and resources.

  1. The AlikeAbility Sales Conversion System
  2. Number 2 Buyer: quick, decisive, transactional
  3. Number 4 Buyer: friendly, trusting, relational
  4. Number 6 Buyer: traditional, conservative, procedural
  5. Number 8 buyer: thoughtful, skeptical, informational
  6. Insights from social media photos: smiles, clothing, posture
  7. Insights from social media posts: platforms, writing style, content

Yes, absolutely! When you enroll in How Buyers Buy, you gain access to our exclusive community of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Additionally, you can reach out to me directly for any specific questions or guidance you may need. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

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