Match Your Message with Your Audience

Clinch Your Ideal Buyer Persona.
Know with certainty who you serve in just one hour

In one, brief 25-minute call, we’ll identify your favorite client’s personality style and you’ll be on your way to having Your Ideal Client Profile.

With this information, you’ll have compelling content for your website copy, emails, marketing, social media posts, direct messages, and introductions at networking events.

Here’s how it works.

  • Before our first session, you complete the AlikeAbility(™) Assessment.
  • You provide URLs to your favorite client: Facebook, LinkedIn, website, or any other relevant social media platforms.
  • During our first session, we discuss your buying and selling styles.
  • We identify your client’s style.
  • We compare both styles.

The next day, you receive a Report that profiles Your Ideal Client Plus the Words and Phrases associated with this style.

During the second session, we make any minor edits to the Profile and recommend how you can use it in your elevator pitch.

We also suggest where your Ideal Client hangs out.

I can’t wait for us to meet and see how your business soars when you know Your Ideal Client Profile.

To your sales success,
Nancy Zare, Ph.D.
The Sales Whisperer and Author

Andrew Winig

PitchCraft Power Hour
Andrew Winig

In the PitchCraft Power Hour you get a:

  • 30-Second Elevator Pitch that highlights how you are unique and memorable
  • Clear and concise answer to “What do you do”
  • Engaging Referral Statement that makes it easy for people to send you good introductions

In the 30-minute follow up call we work on your Conversation Blueprint

  • Streamline your messaging
  • Turn small talk into productive business conversations
  • Customized Conversational Blueprint

Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule a one hour time slot.
  • Fill out a 5-question worksheet (takes less than three minutes)
  • For the first 30 minutes of the call I ask you a series of fun-to-answer questions that are designed to help me get to know you, your values, your work, and your best clients.
  • In the next 30 minutes, I write 3 pitches just for you. You’re on the call to make sure what I write is fun to say, easy to memorize, and, most importantly, sounds like you!
  • You use your new Elevator Pitch for two weeks.
  • We schedule a 30 minute tune-up call to make any adjustments and craft your conversational blueprint.
  • Continue to refine your messaging in our Pitch Club

Power Hour availability can be limited. Secure your spot now to get your pitch that resonates!

Want to do both?

Unlock Your Sales Potential
with The PitchCraft Power Hour + Your Ideal Client Profile

Your Ideal Client Profile: It all starts here. Who are you speaking to? Without this cornerstone, even the most eloquent pitch can fall on deaf ears. With the Sales Whisper, Dr. Nancy Zare, you’ll identify how your ideal clients make buying decisions and suggest what to say and do to build trust and acquire a new client. This isn’t just demographics; it’s about understanding their personality styles.

Elevator Introduction Mastery: Armed with your Ideal Client Profile, we turn to the art of the Elevator Introduction. This is more than a pitch; it’s the essence of your business distilled into a compelling narrative that’s impossible to ignore. Under the guidance of  PitchCraft expert, Andrew Winig, you’ll refine your message until it’s clear, concise and most importantly—you.

Exclusive Offer: For a limited time, we’re offering these transformative services at a steep discount when you sign up for both.
It’s our way of committing to your success and ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

I help entrepreneurs, and small business owners sell confidently and make more money.

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