Stop Guessing When It Comes To Getting More Clients So That You Can Finally Do What You Love and Get Paid What You’re Worth

There’s a Better Way to Find  Prospects and Turn Them into Clients Based on 35 Years of Research on People’s Personality Styles

For Just A Low, One-Time Payment of $297!

What if you could hop on a 25-minute call, and just one day later, attract ideal clients that help you increase revenues no matter what you’ve already tried?

What if you knew the right words to say that attract amazing prospects to you who will turn into your best clients—finally creating a thriving business?

What if you could learn how to draw people who need your help most and are more than willing to pay you after just one call?

That is what the Your Ideal Client Profile consulting call will do for you. Not only is all this possible, but I do it for caring professional coaches and consultants in finance, law, and business regularly.

“But Nancy,” You Might Be Wondering, “Why is this offer different?”

Let me tell you.

I’ve been on the receiving end of a lot of false hype and undeliverable promises. But I would never do that to you or anyone else. It’s my mission to serve. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried these things before, all without any worthwhile results—

You’ve joined one or more coaching programs claiming to 10X your income by charging 10X in price, only to have received a do-it-yourself course without the benefit of the teacher.

You’ve tried to hire someone for a few bucks to update your website, optimize it for searches, and write copy for email campaigns and landing pages, but the results just didn’t live up to what you had hoped.

You’ve disciplined yourself to post on social media and message people directly, and then been frustrated when you still didn’t attract people who actually scheduled calls with you to find out more about your services.

The truth is, the Your Ideal Client Profile consulting call is different because it identifies exactly who your ideal prospects are and speaks directly to them using their values and words. In this call, I help you define and describe your ideal clients—all with my proven strategies—so that you can finally make more money and have a prosperous business.

And then, I send you a report of your ideal client’s profile so all you have to do is use their words and phrases, and I even give you ideas of how you can keep that momentum going by adopting these terms into your messaging to attract the right prospects so you can get new clients.

That’s why today is the day to sign up for the Your Ideal Client Profile consulting call.

What are you waiting for?

For Just A Low, One-Time Payment of $297!

Get the Results You Need Without Being Salesy or Promotional

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It’s Time to Make Your Personality Style Work For You, Instead of the Other Way Around

Who is this offer for?

  • Caring, service-based professionals who are tired of pitching their services and promoting themselves without any results.
  • Those who struggle with finding prospects and scheduling calls to help them enroll new clients.
  • People who understand that figuring out how prospects make buying decisions isn’t their superpower.
  • Entrepreneurs who realize it’s time for them to focus more on what they love to do instead of chasing after endless marketing and sales tactics.
  • Business Owners who feel stuck because they know they’re missing the mark with their current messaging.

Who this offer isn’t for…

  • Individuals who have to do everything on their own—the classic do-it-yourselfers—who are closed to outside help.
  • Those who ask for “anyone” and “everyone” because they don’t know who their best prospects are and how to describe their ideal prospects to others.

  • People who have already made up their minds when it comes to knowing everything about everything.

I Know How to Help Because I’ve Been There Before…

My name is Nancy Zare, Ph.D., and my specialty is reading personality styles so that caring, service-based professionals can finally get more clients and have the prosperous business that they’ve been wanting all along.

I truly am passionate about sales psychology and what it takes to describe ideal clients because I had to learn how to do the same thing when I began as a self-employed coach and consultant.

After completing my graduate degrees, becoming certified in sales training, and discovering what is called the Platinum Rule, I was able to quadruple my sales in 90 days. All through the power of reading personality styles and speaking the language of prospects.

And now, after 13 years as The Sales Whisperer, I can do the same for you, using the power of profiling people’s buying styles. Without you actually having to be pushy, aggressive, or salesy.

It is my mission to help you describe and understand your ideal clients so that you can finally get paid what you deserve.

That’s my story, and I can’t wait to learn yours.

During Our Time Together, We’ll Go Over…

  • Your personality style
  • Its natural gifts
  • Its blindspots
  • Your Ideal prospect’s personality style
  • Your updated message and how it will attract your Ideal Clients

And I’ll even help you with the exact words and phrases to use to introduce yourself in networking events if you don’t have that dialed in already.


And Since I Want You to Be 100% Sure that This is the Solution You’ve Been Looking For, Let’s Go Through Some of Your Objections Together

You might be thinking…

Why can’t I just do this on my own? That way I don’t have to pay someone else.

While you are gifted in your occupational field, rarely does it include the skill of figuring out how to define and describe your ideal client. Until you nail your ideal client, people will seldom refer themselves or others to you because they don’t know you’re speaking to them.

There is no way you’re going to understand how to help me in just 25 minutes.

Surprise! Lori McDowell signed up a new prospect after just ONE session. She correctly knew his personality style, adjusted her style to match, and landed a new client. This is how I know it’s possible to help you in just 25 minutes!

What if I don’t like the results we come up with?

One of the things I work hardest at is making sure that I can deliver your Ideal Client Profile the next business day after our conversation. I guarantee you’ll have the right words and phrases that connect quickly and authentically with Your Ideal Clients. Just in case the description of Your Ideal Client Profile needs any editing, I’ll revise it up to two times.

Don’t Take My Word For It, See What Other Professional Business Owners Are Saying About Your Ideal Client Profile:

“One call with Nancy shifted so much for me and my business! She has incredible skills and identified what I was missing within the first 5 minutes of me blabbering on. She listens so intently and I really felt seen, heard and completely understood.”
Jenny Maxwell
Jenny Maxwell
Personal Development Coach
"Nancy is very talented at teaching people how to open communication, build rapport, and develop relationships.”
Jeff Melick
Partner at Kajko, Weisman & Colasanti, LLP

This Is Everything You’ll Get When You Sign Up For Your Ideal Client Profile Call Today

  1. Your personality style, Value: $350
    You complete a brief assessment BEFORE our consultation. This reveals your personality style. Most people excel with prospects who closely match their own style. It also identifies some of your natural gifts in talking with people as well as some of the common blindspots of this style.

  2. Your Ideal Prospect Breakdown, Value: $1000
    You select one of your favorite clients. Find their LinkedIn Profile, Facebook home page, or Website, and be ready to share the URL(s) during the call. I will read this person’s profile and identify their personality style.

  3. Description of Your Ideal Prospect, Value: $350
    I deliver a report describing in detail Your Ideal Prospect. You may already know the demographics such as age, gender, occupation, education, and so forth. Adding the psychographics makes it much more precise in identifying who you best serve.

  4. Words and Phrases That Attract Your Ideal Prospect, Value: $500
    Not only will you have an exact summary of your ideal prospect, but you also receive a list of words and phrases that resonate with and attract your potential client’s attention. These terms will aid you in your messaging as you compose emails, social media posts, text messages, and even introductions on your website. Plus, they help you to craft your introduction at networking events.

  5. BONUS: Recording of the session, $100
    You can review this information repeatedly and learn about some of the subtleties in reading people’s personality styles by viewing their social media.

This Package’s Total Value Is more than $2300!

But If You Sign Up Today, You’ll Get Your Ideal Client Profile For A Fraction Of That Amount, at an 87% Discount!

Are you ready to finally have the help you need to make sure you can enroll more clients and enjoy a prosperous business?

For Just A Low, One-Time Payment of $297!

To your sales success,

Nancy Zare, Ph.D.
The Sales Whisperer and Author

Don’t Take My Word For It, See What Other Professional Business Owners Are Saying About Your Ideal Client Profile:

Nancy Zare has a special way to educate people in their business on how to adjust their approach to reach their potential clients. I loved the session I did with her.
Dionne Katinas
DK Design Agency
"Nancy is an innovator who has her finger on the pulse of the psychology of sales."
Steve Dubin
My Pinnacle Network