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Want more clients?
Want more opportunities?
Want more business relationships?

LinkedIn is the place to be to get more clients.

Do you know…

  • You have JUST 3 SECONDS on LinkedIn to show people you are their FIRST CHOICE?
  • That your Linkedin Profile appears first in a Goggle Search?
  • PLUS, your LinkedIn Profile serves as a landing page instead of your website?
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Client Builderz, a secret podcast,
provides powerful insights on using LinkedIn to attract and build your client base.

In just 5 compact episodes, you discover how to read between the lines so you can:

LinkedIn is:

More viewed than WEBSITES.
More requested than BUSINESS CARDS.
More valuable than RESUMES.

The LinkedIn Profiles of your prospects are waiting for you to find them and make connections.

Client Builderz shows you precisely what to do to turn them into clients!

For a small investment of $49, you receive the entire five-episode podcast series. This includes the audio and video programs, transcripts, and a workbook.

The contents of each episode include:

1. Choosing Your Niche

  • Value of LinkedIn
  • Focus on one platform
  • Identify your audience

2. Reviewing Your LinkedIn Profile

  • Banner
  • Photo
  • Headline
  • About Section
  • Featured Section
  • Recommendations

3. Understanding Personality Styles

  • The AlikeAbility System
  • The Platinum Rule
  • Names of the 4 Styles
  • Their values, time frame, and statistics

Generating leads and direct messaging

  • Generate list
  • Message people
  • Respond and build relationships
  • Get Micro-commitments

Read LinkedIn Profiles

  • Identify different prospects
  • Four types of Smiles
  • Summary
  • Surprise gift

Plus, you receive a digital workbook and suggested activities to do to refresh and enhance your LinkedIn Profile. We encourage you to work with us as you listen.

Who this offer is for:

  • Business owners seeking to grow and expand their client base
  • Professionals who love what they do and hate to be pushy, aggressive, and salesy
  • Newcomers to social media who want a time-tested method for developing relationships
  • Businesses that don’t have a webpage
  • People who want to shorten their learning curve
  • Entrepreneurs who value a step-by-step process
  • LinkedIn members who want proven results

Who this offer isn’t for:

  • People who struggle to listen to podcasts
  • Business owners who aren’t using social media
  • Marketing strategies that exclude LinkedIn
  • Busy professionals who make no time to learn

About the presenters

Nancy Zare, Ph.D.
Nancy Zare, Ph.D. The Sales Whisperer

Entrepreneurs hire Nancy to enroll more clients because they are sick and tired of inconsistent cash flow, exaggerated marketing claims, and manipulative sales tactics.

Certified in sales training, she earned a Ph.D. from Boston College and is the author of 7 books.

Nancy shows business owners how to fill their calendars with warm leads and turn 50% of their prospects into clients.


Business owners hire Darlene to optimize their LinkedIn Profiles, gain quality leads and connections, and develop warm business relationships.

She is certified in Sales Mastery and has over 30 years experience helping her clients find their niche and grow their businesses.

Darlene generates at least 5 quality, HOT leads per week ready to be converted into clients.

Darlene Petrie The Leads Generation Strategist
Darlene Petrie The Leads Generation Strategist
I help entrepreneurs, and small business owners sell confidently and make more money.

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