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All programs can be customized for the audience and time period,
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Coaching, Consulting

Know how to understand your audience before they speak and get INSIGHTs into how people buy to turn them into your clients.

Training & Assessment

Want to know "the secret of top producers"? Nancy has created an upbeat, fun experience for all participants.

Public Speaker, Sales Trainer

As a highly sought-after public speaker, Nancy radiates warmth and excitement, making her workshops and seminars interesting.

Author, Video, Writer/Editor

Close more sales and learn the best-selling words with Nancy’s best-selling books and video courses.

Coaching and Consulting

Discover the specific words to say and actions to take for closing sales.

Speaking and Training

As a highly sought-after public speaker, Nancy radiates warmth and excitement, making her workshops and seminars educational and engaging.

Books and Resources

Close more sales and learn the best-selling formulas with Nancy’s best-selling books and video courses.

Platinum Rule


Platinum Rule

Treat Your Prospects How They Want to Be Treated

Generating leads and getting new clients is the NUMBER ONE challenge for most service-based entrepreneurs. It takes the right skill to build real relationships with prospects and turn them into clients.

The best way to quickly build trust and close deals is by understanding people and what they require

Make them feel that “You get me. We’re alike!” We call this, The AlikeAbility™ System.

The AlikeAbility System is a 5-step process that is based on the Platinum Rule. It builds rapport quickly and authentically with your prospects and converts them into clients.

Meet Dr. Nancy Zare

Certified Sales Trainer & Author

Hi, I’m Nancy Zare, Ph.D., sales psychologist. I have an MSW in Organizational Planning and Development and a Ph.D. in Social Work and Organizational Development from Boston College. I use sales psychology to identify how people make buying decisions and advise you on what to say and do to get more clients.

I am also the author of six books, including an Amazon international bestseller.

“Information without application is useless.”

Want More Clients?

Become AlikeAble.

Make your customers feel special. Approach each one as an individual with unique values, desires, and concerns. Develop long-term relationships by making prospects feel comfortable, drop sales resistance, and build trust.

It starts with the initial contact! You can gain AlikeAbility with the very first session.


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Karl Ponteau
Karl PonteauCEO at Squash and Stretch Productions
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“I've only been working with Nancy for a couple of weeks, and am already seeing results. Her program is easy to learn but has depth and weight that provides plenty of room for growth and improvement. That's just how I like it. I feel way more confident with how I interact with prospects and clients because I understand what going to appeal to them. If you want to improve your sales skills, talk to Nancy!”
JoJo LaRiccia
JoJo LaRicciaVideo Strategist
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“Dr. Nancy Zare is first and foremost a spectacular human being. She is brilliant and will definitely guide you to understanding the different types of people we do business with and even our relationships with people in general. In her book "Compelling Selling", you will learn and have new navigational tools in your arsenal. It's quite fascinating and almost mathematical that there is a formula for figuring out human behavior. You'll experience many aha moments.
Michael Liebovitz
Michael Liebovitz
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Can you look at someone's LinkedIn profile and instantly know EXACTLY how to talk with them in *their* language to make the sale? That's what I learned from Nancy Zare, Ph.D. I kid you not, my sales have increased by 50% in 3 months from implementing her insights. She's a sales psychologist which means her approach is unlike anything else I've seen (that's why I wanted to work with her).


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