word of year image for Clarity

Happy New Year

Take for granted. It means:

To consider to be true without evidence, assume
To disregard or undervalue a person’s or thing’s worth
To believe as valid or correct
To treat with contempt or disrespect
To take advantage of, impose upon

It’s easy to take things for granted … until something out of the ordinary occurs.

In my case, it was a cancer diagnosis.

It required my full concentration on multiple levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

My biggest take-away from this adventure, which is ongoing, is claiming my voice.

I said “yes” to a colonoscopy.
I said “yes” to surgery.
I say “yes” to a ketogenic food plan.
I say “yes” to ongoing collaborations with healthcare providers.
I say “no” to chemotherapy.

As we begin 2024, may you experience life with fresh awareness. What you took for granted, you now notice and make renewed choices.

Happy New Year!

To your sales success,
Nancy Zare, Ph.D.
Sales Whisperer and Author

P. S. My guiding word for 2024 is Audacity. Have you selected yours? Email me and I’ll send you a unique card to pin on your bulletin board or refrigerator such as the Clarity example at the top.