woman in teal t-shirt sitting beside woman in suit jacket talking

Assess Before You Say Yes, Part 2

In my last post, I discussed the value of identifying which prospects are a good fit for your business.

Like 70% of the population, Carol is a combination of two different styles.

She has a social style, which is very personable, outgoing, and caring, while her professional style is ambitious, directive, and fervid.

Not considering style, she has reached out to potential referral sources who differ markedly from her traits. They tend to be reserved, thoughtful, and conservative.

She processes ideas quickly.
They take their time.

She reaches conclusions quickly.
They have to think about it.

She’s eager and ready to go forward.
They want to do research.

To gain their endorsement, she has to curb her natural inclinations.

Could she have chosen the wrong referral partners?

TIP: Assess before you say yes to working with people whose style may be at odds with yours. It takes more effort, increases stress, and leaves you feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

P. S. Identifying the ideal personalities or buying styles of prospects and referral partners makes it easier to build relationships and enroll clients. Learn how.