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Assess Before You Say Yes, Part 1

When starting a business, professional practitioners tend to work with any (and all) people who are agreeable.

This even happens when you’ve been in business for a while.

Often, you say “yes” before you assess whether it’s a good fit for you.

Last week I met with a prospect who is struggling to close sales.

Charles wants to grow his business and needs to gain skills in communicating his services.

As a strong Number 8 personality or buying style, he takes his time to gather information and contemplate what to do.

He needs scientific evidence and a clear understanding of how my approach will benefit him financially before making any buying decisions.

His slowness in processing information and lack of action make him a poor candidate for me.

Yet, he’s interested and wants to learn how to improve his sales skills.

How did I respond?

Fortunately, Number 8 Buyers are do-it-yourselfers. They love to read and I have a series of books that contain the concepts I promote.

If he asks for more, I’ll suggest my video course.

And if he still wants personal instruction, I’ll refer him to a colleague who enjoys working with this style.

For me, Charles is not an ideal client.

TIP: You are not the right match for everyone who needs or wants your services.

Suggestion: List your favorite clients, identify their personality styles, and find more like them.