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Be Specific to Get Results

To get Terrific Results,

As part of my adventure with cancer, I need an oncologist to monitor my health condition and suggest treatment options.

When my surgeon urged me to add this specialist to the team, I asked him for a recommendation and gave him just one criterion – that the person have a good bedside manner.

He referred me to Dr. X.

During my initial visit with Dr. X, I inquired about natural and complementary approaches to treatment. He responded with a story about a patient who chose this path and had, to use his words, a “horrible death.”

His fear-based approach turned me off. Since he is not the “right” person, I realized that one characteristic was insufficient.

In addition to bedside manner, the oncologist should be

  1. Experienced
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Personable
  4. Open-minded
  5. Collaborative

I’m seeking a PARTNER in my healthcare adventure.

Partners respect and consider each other’s input and feelings. They present their point of view without diminishing the other person’s perspective. Most importantly, they support and encourage their fellow.

Using my skill of identifying personality styles by viewing people’s social media photos and posts, I searched the web and selected a few oncologists who appeared to meet my new criteria.

I set up initial appointments.

As a result, I found EXACTLY the right doctor.

He greeted me by saying, “I’m patient-centered. No matter what treatment you choose, I will support and monitor you.”

Friends said I manifested him.
Yes I did.
By listing the SPECIFIC qualities that were important to me, I engaged a TERRIFIC physician.

Your prospects are doing similar things. They are searching the web for someone with your SPECIFIC traits.

Are you broadcasting and leading with your uniqueness?

Quick Tip.

Review your social media presence and revise your message so that it is SPECIFIC.

Who do you serve?
How will they benefit?
What do you offer?

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